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Hi, I am an artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist, storyteller and indie publisher.

Do you believe dogs are a reflection of God and in turn a reflection of us? Take a look at the spelling as if it were up against a mirror, it is as simple as that.  They are born into this world to service us from pure unconditional love, what a gift!

I am not a vet so I can only share with you what I learned from my experience. This is what I consider my spiritual story.

My dogs have been my greatest teachers in life and it is always when things are at their worse, like anything else we experience. I mean how can you really learn if everything was good all the time? My dogs have helped me learn to tap into God and taught me the gift of healing. Recently, I just went through a stressful ordeal and I am writing this because I know how many people out there research natural remedies and medical advice when it comes to our dogs care. It is expensive to go to the vet and a lot of us into holistic health care know the side effects of anti-biotic’s, surgery and vaccines, amongst other things. I was making life or death decisions and that is why I want to tell my story if it can help someone else and their beloved pet. It had been I think a total of 9 months, maybe slightly longer I had discovered a lump on my unspayed female huskie. I chose not to spay her being my fourth dog; I really felt uncomfortable about doing that to a puppy. I understood, taking out this body part would prevent so many issues in the future, cancer, tumors, unwanted pregnancies, yet at the same time why not cut out your heart to prevent a heart attack or heart dis-ease or for that matter, or a broken heart. Silly I know, I just wanted to keep her whole. I mean dis-ease starts from environmental circumstances, emotional and our diets, possibly their breed, yet I decided against spaying and planned to do the best I could to prevent these so called side effects from not spaying my dog.

In humans, metaphysically, dis-ease stems from the mental and emotional cause, an energy imbalance. I am sure it is the same for animals, when you really look at it at a certain level. They are emotional creatures. When my dog went into heat I observed her behavior. She wanted to have babies so badly. We prevent that natural process in our dogs. She would take all her stuffed animals and find a dark hidden place in the house to supposedly wean her babies. You could not take one away or she would jump up and follow you and get it back and do the same thing all over again. She whined so much and wanted to be outside to find a dog to mate with. She did not want to come inside and she would get down about it. I observed this every time. When her heat was over, she took all her stuffed animals and beat the crap out of them like she woke up from a dream realization that they were not real. Looking back in retrospect, this was an emotional imbalance. It was an imbalance because she was not allowed to live her life in a natural way. I mean, I wanted her whole yet I did not want her to have puppies either. I did my best to do energy healing on her as much as I could. I mean how do you vibrationally heal imbalanced emotions in dogs unless it is through Spirit. Prescriptions are last resort for me. From my perception and as an energy healer myself,  I do believe this was the beginning of her unwanted growth, the root cause of a mammary tumor.

I did feed my dogs dog food but that was rare. I cooked for my dogs all their lives. As time went on I learned more and more how to properly feed them, (there are nutrients they need when you cook for them that I added with supplements) since I did not do the raw diet which is claimed to be the best diet you could put your dogs on. I did not do raw because I initially did not even know about it and when I heard of it and tried it, my huskie became extremely ill. Either I did something wrong or who knows, but since that time she became such a finicky eater and would not touch the raw. You have to feed only organic meats as well and that was not an option for me 10 years ago. Food is the most important thing that you can put into your dogs bodies (and ours) for their health and well being. In the beginning, my huskie ate chicken and brown or white rice, pasta and chicken, ground beef and rice, potatoes, sweet and white, all kinds of veggies, multi-vitamins and minerals, dog food and milk bones. As soon as I found the lump, I did more research. What I was feeding her was wrong. She was really hooked on the dog bones and that is what I think contributed to it. Carbs are bad for the reason that they turn to sugar and this is hard on their pancreas, correct me if I am wrong. Never the less, I immediately changed her diet to lean meats and vegetables. The lump was very slow to grow and I thought I had it under control. I didn’t. It kept growing, slow, but I was determined to shrink it.

I started to wonder if it was cancer but intuitively I felt it was not, yet I did not trust what I was receiving because of my internal dialog going back and forth. I began working with Cancer Cure for Dogs and he gave me a personal protocol for prevention and to possibly shrink this tumor. They have helped hundreds of doggies cure their cancer with apricot seeds. Supposedly, the cyanide in apricot seeds has been proven to attack and kill cancer cells at the same time does not effect the body, it only goes to the cancer cells. This is a controversial remedy so you have to really follow your gut and do lots of research. I put my dog on it for awhile, started out low 1 seed twice a day and went all the way up to 3 twice a day. You give one seed per 10lbs of weight. She received less. As this did give her some good essential B vitamins, that did not stop this tumor from growing. Either it is because there are no cancer cells for it to work or I don’t know but I started to feel this was not right for my dog and I stopped altogether and just asked God what can I do? I decided to detox her liver because of this with organic milk thistle and it is normal. My best friend called me with information from her co-worker who is studying to be a vet, that by the sounds of it, she believed it was a tumor caused from her not being spayed. This led my research to discover it was most likely a mammary tumor. I wanted to know if there was a way to shrink it naturally. I came across this website that you can notify your vet to see if this procedure is available but I wanted to try to avoid the vet and avoid surgery. Here is another article with several holistic vets explaining how to heal cancer without surgery. One vet did say that surgery would get your pet back to square one and then continue natural treatments.  In meditation I asked again what can I do. So I had a dream about a flax plant, it was like a quick vision in my dream of someone showing me a flax plant and explaining the husk etc. I woke up and immediately thought of the budwig diet. My dog would not eat the budwig diet, when something told me to go to my favorite holistic vet Dr. Karen Becker’s website, why I did not realize to go sooner, and came across an article on her website about a huskie who had mammary tumors, she removed them but prescribed to give the dog Flax Hull Lignans! I was surprised. When an unspayed dog gets older, a lot of times their estrogen gets out of whack and this causes mammary tumors. It is the husk or hull of the flax plant that balances estrogen. This is what my dreamt meant! She also prescribed DIM, a supplement as well, that contains the estrogen balancing nutrients in broccoli, cabbage and kale.  I learned that just because my dog has a uterus is not the actual cause of her tumors, there are additional factors involved that create an imbalance in the body which raised her estrogen levels. One, is the food that produces insulin in her diet. The environment, pesticides and pollution. I am sure there are more medical factors as well.

So I ordered this stuff (I have no affiliation with the links I posted for you)and I started my dog on this immediately. The only thing when using natural remedies, they take longer. The Flax Hull Lignans (not flax oil or seeds) can take 4 months to really see any results, it does vary.. Well what happened next is why I could not wait. My dog went into heat. When she went into heat that tumor grew so fast I struggled with what I should do. It grew into the size of a grapefruit and became hot, feverish and I knew it was infected. We did much energy healing that eased her pain, yet the tumor grew too fast I had no choice to take her into the vet. From my past experiences with Vets, regular doctors, how the medical communities can force so much upon us against our free will and only treat the physical symptoms, I was beginning to become anti western medicine and wanted only to use natural means. I talked to God and pleaded that I wanted more time with my dog, that I was her caregiver and that I wanted to give her more experiences in life. I believe animals souls evolve through their experiences and I also believe they can reincarnate depending on their evolution. I had a dream once that I was with her and she turned into a little girl. Anyway I did protect her all her life and I received this knowing that as much as I wanted to protect her from the pain and suffering of surgery, I had no choice and that it was a part of her growth as well for her highest good and the good of her health. I had unwavering faith (and still do) that God can make miracles happen and hoped something would happen before I made this decision. I had not yet had a full nights sleep and as I watched my dog suffer waiting and praying for these remedies to work, I could not take it anymore. I had to call the Vet. It was a humbling experience because in my mind, it looked like I could have neglected my dog allowing that tumor to get so large and the truth is I did wait too long yet not as long as it appeared. It was not that large when I changed her diet and researched supplements. It grew so fast when she went into heat, in about 3 weeks it doubled in size. So we scheduled surgery and they made me feel so comfortable, all I cared about was getting this thing out of her. The worse thing about all of this was the wait for her surgery day. In 5 days that tumor continued to grow like a vicious monster. You can imagine the stress. Unless you find a holistic vet, they will also force you mandatory vaccines, that bothered me too because I did not want my dog vaccinated. Dr. Karen Becker DVM (search her site) explains the dangers of vaccines. Only a healthy dog needs a mandatory vaccine. Obviously, my dog did not fit into that category and was not required to receive any. It was all going with the flow.

I had another dream that I was rubbing her paws and she had a fever. I thought it could be a warning during her recovery after surgery but it actually happened two nights before. I was up with her all night, cooling her down with frozen vegetables, liquids (cool bone broth), healing her intensely, anti-biotics and kefir at the same time, yes! And then I just surrendered. I thought I was going to lose her. In the morning she jumped up like nothing happened, her fever had broke and she was back to normal by the time surgery came. Usually I am anti anti-biotic because of what they do to your gut but I did not want to chance an infection after what we just went through and decided to add the good bacteria back into her body with kefir. I make kefir homemade with grains and organic milk, one of the best probiotics you can find.

Her surgery went so well and she did so good, I also had her fixed to prevent this. Now as I did not believe in spaying her, in this situation I felt it was the right thing to do. I do not believe puppy’s should be spayed so young. Dr. Karen Becker DVM (search her site)explains this in her practice, that the loss of estrogen and testosterone in the animals causes problems later, amongst other things and that they can be sterilized instead of removing the sex. The only thing I wondered about was, if this was a karmic thing for her now, would not having a uterus effect her pregnancies in her next life incarnations? So I have been doing healings on her seeing her whole and still with a uterus within her holographic body.

So now in her recovery the Vet said to expect a lot of bruising and that I should not be alarmed because of the surgery she had. My husband and I did energy healing on her daily and she had almost no bruising at all. She is healing up quick, thank God! What a journey! We are glad it is not cancer. As I already do believe we need natural medicine and the science of medicine, this taught me to believe more in integration of it which can really only come through God leading you to the right doctor or finding a holistic vet…and not worry about money. If there is a will there is a way. I used credit and just made payments. There are other things you can do as well to raise the money now a days. The best way is using the Law of Attraction. This is how I came to obtain my funding. Now that my baby is back at square one and her body is healing up, I can continue my natural regimens with the flax hull lignans, DIM, kefir and her healthy diet for her longevity. I have given her pain medication that still doesn’t really work 100%. I watch her uncomfortably move from one side to the other, back and forth on her bed while panting, so I get down and do an energy healing on her and without fail she falls asleep.  I urge folks to learn to send healing light into your animals. It works every time, even when she suffered prior to surgery. She always falls into a peaceful sleep. To add, if it wasn’t for the great Vets over at the clinic I took my dog to, she may not be here with me today. I am so grateful. Seriously though, preventing surgery can be justified for many reasons if you can get away with it because after her sutures were taken out I regret that her incision is so long, too long in my opinion. When she lays flat on her back her one leg cannot drop down in a relaxed position as if the stitches stretch her skin a bit and prevent her leg from falling into that so called lotus position when on her back. It bothers me she will have to live with this and I think a better job could have been done surgically. Hopefully when it heals up, exercise will remedy this issue. I think it bothers me more than it does her. Her body did reject the inner stitches and pushed them up to the surface of her skin. She was getting red blisters and I did not know why until I saw string protruding out of her incision, so I took them out myself. Well, the whole ordeal , it was either this or losing her life. Of course you know I made the right choice!

You know, why did I dream of the flax and that wasn’t the cure? It was only a piece of the experience. The fever dream was telling me I was guided all along. This experience reflected my past fears and belief systems and how unconditional love will take you to the ends of the earth for the ones you love. I will do anything in my power for my pets! But an important message is that I cannot control everything and not to be afraid to ask for help. At the same time, if I would have removed her lump sooner, I would not have spayed her- not yet going through all the emotions this taught me and maybe she would have had to go through this again but she was meant to go through this surgery. It was like my prayers were answered. She will get to experience more in life and I plan to hold that end of my promise. I surly would have not learned all I learned with healing her during her fever either, that was the power of God working through me! All of it! I also learned that I should resist nothing, that the science of medicine is ultimately governed by God as well, (when you ask to be guided to the right people) we do need both at times and in certain circumstances like mine. This way we get the physical symptoms treated when natural medicine works on building health at the core and the spiritual heals the inner root cause, where it all began.

Our dogs souls evolve through us as our souls evolve through them. This is why these creatures are our teachers! They are a reflection and an expression of God.

I hope this helps you decide what is best for your pet family.

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