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Higher Energy Spirit Art with Guidance


Hi, I am an artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist, storyteller and indie publisher.

Spirit Guide Sketch. Higher Energy “Spirit” Art
Here are examples of personalized Spirit Art I have been doing since the late 90’s along with current ones.
Absolute Source, your Spirit Guide, an Angel, Galactic races, aspects of your Higher Self, whomever or whatever comes through, is done on sketch paper in pastels. But I am changing things around a bit.  I am going to create it digitally. Your reading includes the spiritual messages of council from your guide and a symbolic description of your image and its colors in relation to your current life path. I am told this art and reading hold activations for your lights bodies. Completion can be from 3 to 5 days before its sent. You will receive a high resolution image of your artwork, so you can print it any size you wish. Both your art and reading will be emailed to you. You may ask a few important simply worded questions as well. Sale Price $69.00. You will check out in our store.
After payment, I need your email, your full name and your questions.

Spirit Art Digital Art and Reading               Click here..    Sale $69

Before You Are Guided


Ihave recently started creating my Spirit Art after a good 5 year break of self reflection and adventure.

A little about me and the work I do, happened when I started out automatic writing after an emotional trauma. Since then, it has been 25 years that I have been meditating, all the while integrating aspects of myself through the reflection of all my experiences. Now I can finally look through this illusory lens we call life, as the observer. I have been fine tuning my intuition, clearing away blockages which has enabled me to be a clearer conduit for higher frequency communication. Yet, my true awakening is still happening NOW, this moment and every moment now.

At this time in our world, a great Awakening is happening; so much energy is being sent and downloaded to us, so many of us lightworker’s are tapped in and tuned into our Divine power and at the same time, many are confusing truths as well or manipulating information for their own agenda. This is why you must trust in your own discernment always.

As far as what I receive for you, it is counsel from deep inner guidance; the same guidance that you are capable of receiving your Self. You are boundless and should not accept any limitations of your own mind or body, especially your heart center where all knowing comes from. Although, I do understand even I believe I need outside confirmation once in awhile.

The only probable outcomes that are possible is if the momentum in any situation in your life has built up enough for manifestation, will you then ever receive anything likely. If I see something on a future or paralle timeline…. that can change. Period. I mean seriously, you are a creator of your own reality and chose the timeline you are on. Your guides will not interfere with your free will or your lessons. The guidance I receive for you is for your life path, for healing and learning to become the authentic you, how to create your life and how to harness your own power. I encourage you to become a sovereign being. I will honestly say here, doubt can effect the outcome, just trust your Self. Take this information and investigate it by using your own gifts of intuition and confirmation. I realized in the instance of skepticism, you will just attract experiences  to be skeptical of as well… but maybe that is a block that needs more exploration, not just with my reading but with all your experiences in life. This can be a part of your own integration process leading to your own personal mastery. My suggestion for this type of art and reading to resonate with you, would only be for the open hearted and for those committed to taking the steps towards their ascension process.

One Question Email Guidance


Still going through an enlightening learning transition, activations and integration, yet I have been getting so many requests, (and internal nudges lately) that I will give readings by email and by donation at this time. This is about an exchange of energy in service to each other. If you have more than one question, please be considerate of this exchange. Thank you. 

I am offering guidance through meditation for one question by donation. This will be through Paypal. After donation transaction, send me an email with your name, the email you want the reading sent to and a specific question (without getting too detailed). You will receive your spiritual message within 3 business days. Email hyrnrg@hotmail.com. (sorry I am bad at checking hyrnrg@hyrnrg.com email) 

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

One comment:

  1. Chris has done Spirit Art for both my husband and me. It was truly amazing how dead-on accurate she is. Both of us have guides that were able to tell us stories about our past lives and how those incidents relate to our current lives. Her narrative resonated so true to my heart that I still get goose bumps when I reread it years later. It gave me guidance to get through issues in my current life and helped me to break through and follow my dreams! Thank you Chris for sharing your beautiful gift.

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