Here in our Blanket’s Category, you will find beautiful native patterns that are 100% woven cotton. These can also be hung as tapestries! Our Native style is at present, our “featured” blankets…Many other different styles we will be adding soon, including my art tapestries! Here are a couple of my paintings to give you an idea what else is to come. With this guy below, Lesky the Troll is from a children’s illustration I did in my Little People book. You can find the original painting on the first page of my blog  I left the shoe in the picture so you can see how large the blanket actually is. 🙂  Also, here is another image of a digital art painting I did of my dogs in an enchanted forest as well, now on a wall tapestry.

*Please note: all images of blankets are the illustration/painting of it. Once the image is woven into fabric, the weavers can only use so many colors in the fabric so the image when turned into fabric will be slightly different. Still absolutely beautiful! Anything on back order or out of stock can still be purchased, shipping time will vary.

Take a look at what we have so far! Blankets Category