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Living Light Spirit Activation Art

Living Light Spirit Activation Art Portrait. High Resolution digital file emailed to you. This is a portrait of your spirit (based on a photo you email to me) that can contain symbols, sigils, colors and/or light language. This is meant to assist in your own integration process and to reflect on for your own answers on a deeper subconscious level. Great for your meditation room and sacred space. (this is not a printed copy, you will only receive a digital file through email.) You may choose to give from the heart, so click on the button below if you choose to use Paypal, then email me.



This is a high resolution digital art portrait of your spirit based on your photograph that I meditate on. Your art will be your spirit, specific colors, symbols, sigils and or light language that are activations for your light bodies.Your art is meant to assist you in receiving your own messages as a sovereign being. The ART is the ACTIVATION. (please do not expect a reading, order a spirit guide portrait if you want a reading)

This Living Light Spirit Activation Art will be perfect for your meditation room as the image will assist in your integration needs. Your activation art will activate you on a soul level. This is about receiving your own messages while looking at, meditating and reflecting on your spirit and symbols.

This is new for me and I am told that these art pieces will bring about healing the light bodies on a deep subconscious soul level. More examples and info click here..You may choose to give from the heart.

After Purchase, send me/email me a good jpg. image of yourself that I can use as a reference photo to paint and meditate off of, it has to be clear and not blurry. I may ask you for more than one if your image does not help me see what I am painting.



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