Our Store is Temporarily Closed...We will open again soon when we are settled in from relocating. Thank you. Email us!

You can still find some of our art, tees and things and books on Redbubble, Amazon and various other retailers. Beadwork is at a halt for now. Sorry. Check back later. We hope it won't be too long.

New!  Check out our Conscious Tees and Things! Also my art on canvas...CDD

We are all about creating unique art that mainly has to do with our consciousness and spiritual tradition. We believe that by tapping into multidimensional realities, we are able to express artistically in unlimiting ways.

Conscious Tee's, for the awakened one's, the believers, dreamers and experiencer's are now being added as well as my artwork printed on canvas! We have added coffee mugs, bags and smudging accessories. Take a look at the Little People books, T-shirts for kids, the audiobook and digitals or get authentic Native American beadwork custom ordered. Original pieces and paintings will be added soon!

So, come back often as we expand our merchandise, artwork and awareness and don't forget to head over to our blog for free dream interpretation and free rune readings! Connect with us if you have any questions.

Most of all, thank you for supporting independent artist's!


Coming soon!

Haunting Memories Vintage...flea market finds...