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Welcome to my store!

I am all about creating unique art that mainly has to do with our consciousness and the unseen magical realms. I believe that by tapping into multidimensional realities, we are able to express artistically in unlimiting ways. And tapping into that creative part of us, allows for something unimagined to show up before our eyes!



NEW! Plush Faerie Dolls and magical friends.  Check them out!

Consciousness Tee's, for the awakened one's, the believers, dreamers and experiencer's are now being added, as well as my artwork printed on canvas, posters and more! 

I have added coffee mugs, bags and other cool stuff for the home and to wear. Handmade and machine embroidered tapestries or printed artwork tapestries of paintings I created. Take a look at my Little People books for middle grade kids, and synopsis of them for parents here. There is an audiobook companion and digitals. Also cool art covered journals and notebooks! What I love doing the most, is my Spirit Art and readings for others. 

So, return often as I expand my merchandise, artwork, and awareness, and don't forget to head over to my portfolio website to check out my digital and Spirit Art! Connect with me if you have any questions. You will find my books and different versions of my journal/notebooks on Amazon.  

*The difference between my journals in this store compared to Amazon, I create the interiors (and covers) on Amazon journals/notebooks that are only in book format (no spiral.)

Most of all, thank you for supporting independent artist's!

Chris HESA

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