Are you needing direction? Are you feeling that everything is not going the way you had planned? Do you wish you could accomplish your goals but you feel time is running out? What is missing in your life? Do you believe there is an afterlife? That you have a guardian sending subtle nudges and signs? Find out now how Spirit can assist you on the path of authenticity. See where you are at in alignment with your desires…
When we can become who we truly are meant to be, everything else just flows.

Perfect activations and art for your meditation room or just a little guidance to gift someone with. Higher Energy Spirit Art, digital art and reading.

NEW! Living Light Spirit Activation Art Portraits.. This is something Spirit guided me to do yet was predicted by my girlfriend many years ago through a dream. She saw my art displayed but moving. I understand that this means that the art is energy activating others energy on a subconscious level through symbols such as sacred geometry, sigils, light language and/or colors based on our connection through our own unique spirits. This digital art I create is meant for you to receive your own information by reflecting on it as it assists your integration process on a soul level. See the link below that was my first one, my revelation as to what I am suppose to do. This is only activation art and not a reading.

For an unknown amount of time, you can also ask a question for the answer you seek. It may not be what you expect. Matter of fact we can almost say that will be the case.

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