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Higher Energy Spirit Art

Activation Art! Absolute Source, your Spirit Guide, an Angel, animal totems, Galactic beings or aspects of your Higher Self, is digitally painted. High Resolution art and reading emailed.


Spirit Guide Sketch. Higher Energy “Spirit” Art

Here are examples of personalized Spirit Art I have been doing since the late 90’s along with current ones.

Absolute Source, your Spirit Guide, an Angel, animal totems, Galactic races, aspects of your Higher Self, whomever or whatever comes through for your highest good, is digitally painted. Your reading includes the spiritual messages of council from your guide and a symbolic description of your image and its colors in relation to your current life path. I am told this art and reading hold activations for your lights bodies. At this time, I am using the 12D shield as I meditate on your name. Completion can be from 5 to 7 days before its sent on a first come first serve basis. I will let you know. You will receive a high resolution image of your artwork, so you can print it any size you wish. Both your art and reading will be emailed to you. You may ask a few important simply worded questions as well. You may choose to give from the heart.

If you choose to donate, during checkout there is an option on the right to enter notes. You can type in the name of person you want me to read and the email or after payment, just email me your full name and if any questions.

note* The pastel sketches are old ones and just shown as examples only. Your spirit art will be digital only. You must print it on your own.

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