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Home is the Heart

Art and Entertainment, Ocean and Sea

Mermaid Wish

“If you were happy with all you had, then you’d grow, If the sun and moon could make you glad, then you’d know. With food on your plate and a place to sleep, be thankful and you’ll be given more to keep…

Elemental Kingdom News, Weather

Foggy Weather

Today’s Weather…Beware of the fog! It is a gateway to the otherworld!! “With all control look for the hole, your mind gets weak, unless it’s truth you seek. Swirled and twirled into another worl…

Pîtikêwa Seekers!

We are introducing our new site written for and by the Elemental Kingdom. We will feature legends of old as well. Just like a regular newpaper, we have been asked to tell their unlikely stories..and ours! With art and entertainment, news, weather, games and trickery plus enlightening stories, classifieds-a section to purchase our art, spirit art readings, take our classes, obituaries from the kingdoms and metaphysics. Check out our new audiobook!  Our store *HERE* is up and running, may still need a little TLC. Yet, New and AWESOME products are currently being added and are available, so take a look and come back!

For All to Enjoy! A very peculiar place to read about the shenanigans and goings on in places we can only dream about! If you have a story to tell, we encourage you to post it here. This, we hope, will become home to everyone with a magical heart and longing to get away. We wish for your imagination to take you there.

We are working hard to pull this all together as this is the early stages of our newspaper. Things will change all the time so please come back!

The Alchemist Troll, Exclusive!

The Alchemist Troll, Exclusive!

Learn Alchemy. Meet Lesky the Troll by the hills to the North of Snagwood Thicket. Maybe he will pick you to be his apprentice? Warning! You must be prepared to undergo rigorous testing!

And….Please visit our other site that is currently being redone as well… DiSanoViSions.com

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