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Mermaid Wish


Hi, I am an artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist, storyteller and indie publisher.

mermaidwishweb“If you were happy with all you had, then you’d grow,
If the sun and moon could make you glad, then you’d know.
With food on your plate and a place to sleep, be thankful and you’ll be given more to keep,
Just for now, what you need for now.
Feel you are worthy, you will not lack, you’ll enjoy life and love to give back,
Forgiving others you forgive yourself, which makes more room to live and be well,
Just allow.
For every gift you give extends, more love and wealth the heavens send,
Again and again, ten times ten,
Because you are loved more than you know, your mistakes turn you into a loving soul,
You’ll learn how.”

From the book, The Little People Journey into the Mystic Sea, poem sang by Trinity.

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