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Home is the Heart

Art and Entertainment

Mermaid Wish

“If you were happy with all you had, then you’d grow, If the sun and moon could make you glad, then you’d know. With food on your plate and a place to sleep, be thankful and you’ll be given more to keep…

Elemental Kingdom News, Weather

Foggy Weather

Today’s Weather…Beware of the fog! It is a gateway to the otherworld!! “With all control look for the hole, your mind gets weak, unless it’s truth you seek.Swirled and twirled into another world…

Art and Entertainment

Soul of Faerie

This is what the hummingbird whispered to her faerie friend….

Elemental Kingdom News

Are Fae afraid of the dark forest?

Why? They have each other!!!! So, no, the faeries do just fine in the dark forest!…

Welcome Seekers, Believers, Explorers and Experiencers

I am introducing my new book, the 3rd Little People book, “Travel In-Between Space with the Little People.”  Available now. Click book below. It is a middle grade novel which is equivalent to two Little People books in one, filled with digital illustrations that I painted. If you would like to see some of the illustrations from my book, go to DiSanoViSions gallery in the menu above.   I am so excited to share it with you. Enjoy reading a few stories about the fae or click the link on the menu for the SYNOPSIS of my books for parents.

“Travel In-Between Space with the Little People,” embarks us on a galactic journey where the heavens and earth meet. Through the introduction of quantum manifesting, the Little People and their friends learn to shape the ebb and flow of change from the heart.

See the cover below….

For all to Enjoy! A very peculiar place to read about the shenanigans and goings on in places we can only dream about! If you have a story to tell, we encourage you to post it here. This, we hope, will become home to everyone with a magical heart and longing to get away. We wish for your imagination to take you there.

HIGHER ENERGY SPIRIT ART is simply ORACLE ART. It holds corresponding frequencies that can activate and harmonize ones own energy through intention of all concerned. See my gallery and videos.

The Alchemist Troll, Exclusive!

The Alchemist Troll, Exclusive!

Learn Alchemy. Meet Lesky the Troll by the hills to the North of Snagwood Thicket. Maybe he will pick you to be his apprentice? Warning! You must be prepared to undergo rigorous testing!

And….If you enjoy art and would like to see some of the illustrations in the books, please visit our gallery site, DiSanoViSions.com

Don’t forget to head over to Amazon to get your paperback copies of the Little People Books! See the Little People…An Enchanting Adventure is on CD in our shop and on Audible.com!

See how I create my art work. Click YT link

My Faerie Dolls, check whole sale link in menu.

If you are interested in personalized visionary art watch how I create one. Go to My Gallery to watch the videos or Click the Intuitive Art/Guidance tab in the menu for more information….

Brand New merchandise is in my shop. I have original paintings and prints available, and much of my work is printed on canvas and on posters, mugs and T-shirts, notebooks, journals and tapestries. I also have my hand made tapestries in my shop as well. Sacred Geometry tapestries and fun ones with aliens and mermaids. Here are some of my newest items.


The 3rd Little People book in my series.

Travel In-Between Space

with the

Little People

My art and dolls are sold in my shop, books on

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