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The Artist

DiSanoViSions Gallery features visionary painter, digital artist, illustrator and writer, Christine Veronica DiSano. Chris is a gifted intuitive messenger and a certified regression practitioner that has studied endless modalities of metaphysics, energy healing, natural law and the paranormal for over 25 plus years. As a self-taught artist and through dedicated meditation, she has been guided to use her energy as a tool, incorporating into her art, vibrational coding. Every artist has their own energy imprint in their work, however, while connecting to our Higher Source, Chris’ art has the purpose of activating the multi-dimensional bodies through the language of light. This can sometimes be recognized immediately through the emotional body when a reading, that comes along with the spirit art, is read. Higher Energy Spirit Art came about when she was told by a seer, a spirit artist, that she would be doing the same thing. When she learned to paint, and photographing the process, spirits would appear on the film after it was developed and her painting was complete. Her newest signature has to do with her personal Russian Spiritual Numerolgy, VER369. Higher Energy Spirit Art is ORACLE art.

Chris is also a story teller and has written and illustrated, with acrylics and digitally, 3 children’s middle grade books, the last one a novel. She works with the elemental kingdom, a place where she finds most of her inspiration! Videos are being created now and in the process with new art work.  Chris works with all mediums, including oils, and pastels and water colors, but prefers acrylics overall. Tepanewa Trade, Tepanewa which means LOVE in the Sac and Fox language, which is also the Meskwaki language, as her husband is a member of the Meskwaki tribe, assists self-publisher’s in the publishing process.

Stay tuned! 

We will also be adding many new and upcoming Spirit Art, original paintings, prints, mixed media art.  More to come! 

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