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Whole Sale Available

Custom Made Faery Fantasy Dolls Retail: Purchase in Shop

Keepsake Plush Faerie & Fantasy Dolls

Available dolls photos will be listed on this page, click. Otherwise made to order, by fleece body color fabric only, and/or in category, Tulle Fae, or Specialty Fantasy.

Here you will find the dolls I make, perfect for your store. I can sell them to you at wholesale prices. These are originally made, some may be similar, but never two exactly alike.

My dolls are handmade, doll body pattern designed by me, as well as the digital embroidery file of each little face. I machine embroider with various colored threads, the faces, butterflies or flowers and or possibly different types of embellishments on their clothing. They are hand and machine sewn. I create the clothes as I go, with remnant fabrics. They are stuffed with poly-fill. Each Faery Doll comes with an embroidered butterfly on her hand. Dolls also come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me, with a message from the Soul of the Faerie meant for the person she will be guided to. It comes in an envelope for keepsake, and a separate tag for your store, with space to write your retail price. *Damp cloth wash only!

Specialty Dolls are stuffed tighter with more embellishments that can consist of wires, bells, trinkets, beads, buttons and more…. Examples of Specialty Fantasy Dolls are, the Vintage Dolls, Alien Doll, Mermaid, Wizard Doll, Gothic Faery doll, and any Faeries that have the WIRE WINGS….these dolls not recommended for tiny tots.

See dolls in video for close up and detail




Whole Sale Prices

(prices subject to change anytime)

*My original plush and/or remnant Faeries Dolls- Butterfly Tulle Wings: Bulk- 3 Minimum $135.00 total (each additional, $45 a doll) Plus $10 Handling Fee, Free Shipping: Total $145.00

*Specialty Plush Faeries and Fantasy Dolls- Butterfly Wire Wings, Detailed Embellishments and/or specific dolls- Mermaid, Alien, Wizard, Vintage Faerie: Bulk- 3 Minimum Total $180.00 (each additional $60 a doll) Plus $10 Handling Fee, Free Shipping: Total $190.00 * not meant for tiny tots!

*Dolls are randomly picked by availability unless specifically requested. You can mix and match Original dolls with Specialty dolls as long as you get 3 minimum. Dolls (3) that need to be handmade to order, take 3 weeks or you will be notified if less or longer is needed as time allows. This is how it works: They come in two categories and/or you can pick by color of fleece fabric. Click link for available dolls and email me.

Available dolls photos will be listed on this page. Otherwise made to order by fleece body color fabric only, and/or, in category, Tulle Fae, or Specialty Fantasy.

Butterfly Tulle Wing Faerie Dolls can be bought in bulk by a fleece fabric body color:

Diverse Body Colors of the Forest

Body Colors that resemble the bark on trees.

Body Colors that resemble milk and honey.

Custom Made Faery Fantasy Dolls Retail: Purchase in Shop

Whole Sale Tapestries- Update Coming Soon

The tapestries I create are usually made with a variety of designer, upholstery, cotton and many different matching remnant fabrics, as well. Like my fantasy dolls, the tapestries are one-of-a-kind original pieces with embroidered sacred geometry, mermaids, fairies, trees, and so (sew) on. Fabric art brings warmth and richness to any home! Beautiful colors to match your decor. Perfect for that sacred space! The tapestries are approximately 21.5 inches in length and 22 inches across from the longest section of the triangle hexagons. Look closely at pictures, message me with any questions. Embroidered fabric remnants are made into an art piece tapestry to decorate your wall. Created with upholstery, designer, cotton, and various remnants. Please note: I am an artist first, then sewer, not a professional quilter, so I create pieces of fabric art with no rules, and by way of my own expression.

Whole Sale Books Coming Soon!

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