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Den the Wise Oak Tree


Hi, I am an intuitive artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist and storyteller.

A SAD Sad day for the Elemental Kingdom, Den the Wise Oak Tree was chopped down. The Little People tried to give him natural herbs and serums from the land in the hopes his roots would grow a sprout. It happened just like Hollow Tree’s best friend. They will miss his wisdom and friendship. He was such a good hearted tree and so very generous. He always did his best to help other’s. What a happy old soul was he, especially when he would see you coming! The Little People, especially Deetkatu, cried for months! But Grampa Foster and Gramma Tenanye had Trinity, Benoway, and the girls, Maiara and Chepi, paint and decorate his stump. Deetkatu felt a lot better about that at least!

Everyone will heal soon enough, because they now celebrate his life! Den is in the forest in the real Elemental Kingdom where no human can ever chop him down again!

Rest in Peace, Den The Wise Great Oak of the Enchanted Forest!

December 20th 2017

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