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Warrior Horse Dance Stick

Warriors carve these dance sticks in memory of their horse that went down in battle. A sacred tribute to horses now as well.  You may suggest the basic color of the horse. The horse was a important part of the Native warriors life , when the favorite horse was lost during or after a battle a warrior would honor that hose by carving an effigy of it and use the dance stick to tell the exploits of the battles they were in together. The symbols painted on each horse tell a story and is a replica of then living horse . A certificate of Authenticity is included with this item, this unique design is patterned after a horse stick that I saw at a museum many years ago.  Carvings are pictured here, though may vary slightly as all art pieces are original. Painted with acrylic and sealed. Adorned with a shield, genuine horse hair and glass crow beads. Makes a terrific wall hanging for those who do not dance or as a collectors item. Soft solid wood, 6″W x 19″L and 1″ thick.  Custom order. approx. 10 days. $120, shipping not included. Email us!


This is a sold example of a “Spirit Horse.”


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