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Free Dream Interpretation


Hi! I am an enrolled member of the Meskwaki tribe and a bead artist. I like to think my work is a reflection of my spiritual beliefs. Winston, my pug, is my other soulmate :p

We are pleased to announce to be offering free dream analysis/ interpretations through this site. Are you having recurrent dreams or images that come to you when you rest? The mind has ways to express your deepest desires, fears and goal while at rest. All information will remain anonymous if you like through your posts.

While awake we are in the Beta/conscious level of thought, where the everyday tasks and thinking stresses the body. As we relax and begin to dream , you enter the short Alpha stage. The kind of half asleep place, this is where I gained alot of insight during my life. Then into the deep relaxation stage or Theta . This is the subconscious , it is a good practice to keep a notepad and pencil handy and write what your dream was about. Sometimes a dream will wake you up , documenting it as soon as you can is great , no matter what it was. Some dreams can be strange in detail but those images will have other meanings and aren’t always literal . In the deepest level or Delta , your intuition and insight can reveal what your true self is.

Our intention is not to tell you what to do. Only to gain confidence and knowledge of your inner true self. I enjoy interpreting my dreams and I am told I do a pretty good job with others dreams as well. There is always a flipside to what we “think” may be its meaning, sometimes a cool surprise. We always treat our dreams as guidance in our daily lives. My wife and I work well with figuring our dreams out for each other. She went to the School of Metaphysics years back and they emphasized dream interpretation. For me, it is instilled within and something I have always believed in.  Tell us your thoughts…………. and dreams…………….



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