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Saleire Psychic Art


Hi, I am an intuitive artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist and storyteller.

I am pleased to share…

My husband and I purchased spirit art from someone I accidentally came across. I want to share her website with you. I enjoy purchasing art from other spiritualists who do similar work as I, or as I do similar work as they do for that matter. It is fun to contribute to those of like mind. Her work mesmerized me on Redbubble come to find she is a spirit artist as well! No Co-INCIDENCE…we have a lot in common including fairy childrens books, aliens and foxes. Ha! And we live in different countries. That shows me that we connect and tap into the collective.

I intuitively felt I should get a reading and psychic art from her, it was so accurate we bought another one for my husband. She touched on things that she would have never known and I felt so much love coming from my art work it made me cry. The messages were exactly what I needed to hear and actually what I wanted to know without even asking her any questions.

The day I connected with Saleire, I saw a billboard in front of a local fire station that read. A SUCCESSFUL PERSON HELPS OTHERS BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Please check out her website for your self! And tell her I sent you.

Linked here.

Here are our guides that came through. ( I put a border around them to fit the gold frames I had!)


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