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About Us

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IMG_20151011_110553477I am an enrolled member of the Meskwaki tribe from Tama, Iowa. I was taught beading at a young age and when I had a spiritual awakening, I discovered a passion for my art and began to make this my life’s work. Each piece I create seems to have a connection for many reasons and draws to it, the exact person it was meant to belong to. My wife is a visionary artist from Chicago who also loves to write, so with the freedom and resources out there, we started our own Indie publishing company to publish our books. We are living what we love, tapping into the higher energy we all have access to when we create and we are happy to be able to share it with you. Our next goal is a consignment art gallery. Come back to see what’s new!” KD

As we are born of the Creator, our creativity is infinite. We do not limit our expression or like to specify our art in only one way. Our artwork is based on our personal spiritual beliefs, nature and what inspires us deep within the core of our soul. Inspire means in-spirit. Our work is a mirror of who we are “on the inside” that is continuously changing and growing. We are always awakening to new visions! Through our imagination, labor and love for what we believe we can accomplish, we can only hope our artwork is a reflection of light to ignite a spark within all who dare to discover their own gifts and talents. May you find appreciation, emotion and beauty from our work.

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