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Joy Ride on a Horse


Hi! I am an enrolled member of the Meskwaki tribe and a bead artist. I like to think my work is a reflection of my spiritual beliefs. Winston, my pug, is my other soulmate :p

Horses and their riders do not care so much for the Little People or their fairy friends using his horses mane and tail for a joy ride. It upsets the horse at times that would make him buck and kick. So to distract these little pesky fairies, they beaded a horse and attached some of his hair that was cut and laid it by a tree as a gift. In exchange, the Little People were satisfied enough to leave the riders horse alone. Approximate size; 4 1/2″ height X 6″ length. Buckskin leather beaded on one side, real horse hair, brass cones, glass crow beads. Stuffed with white sage and lavender.

Examples of beaded horses here. Choose a style or I will create something especially for you. All pieces are original so there will be variances. All horses have adorned leather fringe.

Beaded Horse Fetish $85


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