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Chris DiSano-Davenport’s Modern Day Fairy Tale Series Draws Children to Their Own Magnetic Power in Her New Books

The words of an enlightening story flourished as Chris DiSano-Davenport was painting the characters that would become the subject of her new adventure series for children. As an artist who believes that we can create our life just as we would create a picture on a blank canvas, it was impressed upon her to write about it. As she wrote, her story carried on into a second book.

Chris has said that when growing up, her generation was not taught about the power within us to manifest our own desires. Instead, she was taught to look outside of herself to make things happen to fulfill her dreams. Many of us have heard or have been told that we can be whatever we want to be. “But what does that mean,” she had always wondered as a child. To fight for what you believe in or force yourself to achieve whatever was possible was sometimes impossible. She discovered that when she believed in something, visualized it in her own mind and felt it in her heart, her wishes came true in many unexpected opportunities. It may seem magical, or even miraculous, yet this lesson led her on to the discovery of her own creative faculties through natural law that is inherent in all of us.

“I decided to express this to children, because if I would have known as a child what I know now, I may have been able to create more for myself and overcome some unnecessary obstacles. As we have been told, ‘Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see,’ I finally discovered its true meaning.”

“See the Little People…Book I, Is Arthur a King?” demonstrates this idea through a positive, uplifting tale in a magical kingdom of the elemental spirits of nature.

“The Little People Journey into the Mystic Sea, Book II, My Name is Junia,” focuses on our part in helping our planet and standing up for what you believe in; both books which children and adults alike will enjoy.

Inspired by lore, legends, and fairytales from all over the world, Chris DiSano-Davenport has written a New Edition of her first book, and a second in the Enchanting Adventure Series, ages 8 and up, with over seventy of her images and paintings made into illustrations. hyrnrg@hotmail.com

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