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Hi! I am an enrolled member of the Meskwaki tribe and a bead artist. I like to think my work is a reflection of my spiritual beliefs. Winston, my pug, is my other soulmate :p

Smudging with Sage


To smudge one’s self or space on a regular basis is a good practice to do . There are many guides on how to perform smudging, this is my version for you to use. First I will say that your intention should be for the highest good. White sage smudging is an ancient practice used for healing, ceremonial, and energy clearing work. It’s also a common tool that many spiritual practitioners and seekers use today to energetically clear and even protect spaces. At this point I assume that you will already have sage, sea shell (Abalone) that holds the lit sage and a feather, is optional. First thing to do is to ground your self/energy. Focus the mind and see an opening at the top of your head, close your eyes and see roots extending out the bottom of your feet and going into the ground just like a tree. As the sage burns you can hold both of your hands out and pull the wafting smoke above your head and over your face, as if you are washing your face with water. Let the smoke drift down your body and visualize the positive energy entering your body from the crown of the head and flowing downward into the bloodstream and out the extremities. This action allows the positive force to draw out any negative energies in your physical body and aura. You can roll your hands down the trunk of your body to your ankles and off the end of your feet. You can use a favorite prayer verse/scripture to ask for protection or use this.   

“Creator, I now ask that my guides and angels, along with the energy of this sage assist me in releasing all negativity, density, and energies that no longer serve, into the light of the Divine. I ask this for the highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will. And so it is.”  

Turn your body clockwise in the smoke . Note; If you are using a sage bundle, it does not have to be burning fully, a little bit of smoke works as much as a lot. It only takes a little bit of sage to smudge yourself. So now, if you want to clear your living space, home, etc., if alone proceed as follows; with your sage lit, start at your front entrance on the left side and work in a clockwise direction , with a feather push the smoke in front of you as you walk. Saying a prayer of protection as you waft the smoke up, downward in a circular manner make sure all spaces, closets, room doors are opening. The smoke will permeate these areas. If you have more than one main floor, proceed to the upper floor and back to the lowest floor when you finish there. Some people will open windows and or exterior doors, that is your choice it depends on how much negativity you feel in your space. When you finish with smudging you can tap out the smudge stick to stop its burning, let it cool and empty the ashes outdoors. This is my basic guide for you, with use and over time you will develop your own ritual which will be unique to you and your needs.  As I have learned and have been taught, there are no one set of rules regarding Native American rituals. These ways are meant to be shared regardless of race or beliefs. Share your knowledge, many blessings to you and yours.




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