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Dreamers Tools


Hi, I am an intuitive artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist and storyteller.

Dreams are the language of the soul.

Sometimes we do not dream at all, so we think, yet when we become increasingly aware of our inner world, when we go to sleep at night the five senses of our physical world is drawn away from our attention. Our mental attention goes into our inner levels of consciousness within the subconscious levels of our existence. Then comes the language of the mind; our communication mechanism from the subconscious to the waking conscious that will give us deep insight into our daily life activities and awareness.

The more and more we become aware of our dreams, and give them the proper attention, such as interpreting them daily and journaling them, the more and more we will remember our dreams.

Reflecting, interpreting and analyzing your dreams everyday can give you great direction and guidance in your daily life. When I meditate and pray for answers, many times what I am needing to know comes through my dreams. They will show you your fears and also what needs attention in your life. Although they may seem convoluted at times and other times vivid in every detail, I pick them apart, image by image, what I feel in the dream, the scenery and so on. Each is just as symbolic. Then I look up each image as a symbol in my dream dictionaries. Parts of the dreams I can intuitively interpret. What I do not understand I usually ask in prayer or meditation and let it go. It always comes around to me getting that ah ha moment of realization.

I will share with you the tools I use daily. I chose these dictionaries because a lot of them out there are more superstitious or they just do not resonate with me. These dictionaries are the language of Universal mind and work well for me. Try them out for yourself and see what you think.

The Dreamers Dictionary by Barbara Condron

This is what I learned in the School of Metaphysics, they actually had a dreamer’s interpretation hotline for their students to help others. This dictionary tells you all about the mechanics of the mind and dreaming through Universal language. Although it does not have a whole lot of symbols as other dictionaries do, I highly recommend it. That is why I use this in conjunction with other dictionaries.

In Your Dreams, The Ultimate Dream Dictionary by Mary Summer Rain

My favorite -as far as it has so many symbolic definitions. That is basically all it is, definitions for many different nouns. I recommended this one to so many people when I worked at Barnes and Noble.

Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp

I have this one yet I do not use it as much as the other two. He is a wise man in regards to dream interpretation and his website is amazing.

Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue

I keep this one around too incase I wake up and see the time on the clock after a dream or if number sequences are repetitive and so on. I basically know by heart what all the numbers represent in the spiritual language of mind, yet her book gives helpful insight.

The Seer Almine also has a free pdf I believe of her interpretations. I use that as well.

Then you put it all together and you should be able to figure out what your dreams are telling you. I have used these books for years and have found these tools very useful. Good luck and have fun, I hope this helps.

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