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Our Healing Power


Hi, I am an intuitive artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist and storyteller.



I believe so much so that we hold the power that gives us the capability to heal ourselves of dis-ease. I know this because I have done this for my dogs, in doing energy healing to others and especially on myself. I have hands on experienced and witnessed the energy we can manifest through us and especially how much my dogs react to it. They have been my biggest teachers when it comes to using my healing capabilities that I did not even know I had. I mean it is purely obvious animals easily feel the effects of healing energy. I have used energy healing, aromatherapy, creative visualization, power of prayer, tapping, peeling away the blinders from the cores of emotional trauma or false beliefs. I have seen how the effects of food took a toll on my husband, yet when we eat healthy how it boosts the immune system and our energy. We use supplements, we organ detox once a year. I have to admit, ALL have different levels of success. I know my body and when it feels off, I nip it in the bud immediately. A couple of examples I use when a cold is coming on, which is rare, I do Donna Edens energy Sunrise Sunset technique several times in the day and my symptoms go away completely. If you feel congested a bit, hold out both arms in front of you, palms up, take a breath, now tap each arm one at a time, from the inside of your shoulder to the tip or your hand. After you tap both arms down and back up a couple of times, take a deep breath again and you will notice you can breathe clearer and freer. If you desire to find out more, I learned that from QiGong Master Chunyi Lin.

I also believe because we live in the physical world we have doctors that can treat our physical symptoms and that is necessary also. It is easier to treat us with some things because we are in the physical world rather than the spiritual world. What is wrong in this day and age, many people are not treated correctly, they do not recommend proper nutrition or natural remedies or they will be considered a quack; the doctors barely know their patients because you are in a 15 minute window, the misuse of treatment regarding insurance coverage and a racket for money to misdiagnose. (watch the amazing videos “the Truth About Cancer.) Most importantly, doctors are trained to treat the symptoms of an illness; they do not treat the cause of the dis-ease. That does not cure you of it, it is like a temporary fix and it usually comes back, if not, in other ways. The science of medicine is necessary…and then…that too can get out of hand. The out of hand part in my opinion is the prescription drugs and vaccines that are not safe and the greed attached to this. Truly good scientists and doctors who really care about healing have found cures for many ailments by natural means, but are severely harassed or their licenses are revoked. I believe if we seek out medical care we need to find a doctor that will treat not only our physical symptoms, but our emotional, mental and spiritual to get to the root of the cause. I have always known that treating the spiritual/inner first, the root of the cause of any dis-ease will permanently be effective in healing it rather than just treating the physical symptoms that most likely return. Natural and western medicine need to be integrated. But that is governed by the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA because you cannot patent anything natural. I quit smoking many many years ago, cold turkey and had always went back to cheating or sneaking it. When I started affirming, until it was a subconscious belief, that I AM a non-smoker, I quit permanently. Now I cannot even tolerate the smell.

There is also our soul plan that we chose to come into this world to experience certain so called hereditary dis-eases or handicaps for many different reasons and one reason is Law. Yet we are born with some purpose of evolution and the “handicap” will not stop the reason we came into this world. Science is proving that our hereditary genes do nothing to us, it is our beliefs that do. Epigenetics is widespread scientific proof. Bruce Lipton Phd

We also have free will and can choose to believe in our own healing powers and the healing powers of others that God will work through us. The thing we need to realize is that dis-ease is the cause of something, mental, physical and spiritual and we earned our bodies in this life from other lifetimes. If we live contrary to Universal Law and live only of the world we create dis-ease, if we lived according to God’s law there would be no dis-ease. Free will is freedom and Spirit always references that to others in my readings to encourage hope and that they are capable of change. The deeper truth to this is, that free will is always tethered to the Law.

This might seem to give the feeling as to what is the sense of healing then? From what I read through Silver Birches teachings, he says healing still is necessary because it is still acting in service and acting in service is expressing the Creator. We will not necessarily get ill when we are evolving in soul, yet rather because we are living against the Laws. We live against the Laws because we fully do not yet understand the Laws when we are evolving. When we can learn to become one with Universal Law, Spiritual Law, Natural Law whatever you will call it, we will no longer get sick.

He said when we do energy healing we are the conduit that taps into the rays that are normally beyond the range of the world of matter and are sent through the conduit. You will match the vibration of many beings that aid in the healing process.

Since we may not truly discover the story behind our illness or dis-ease, we do all of the above to create health and well being. I believe we will definitely heal if we still have a life filled with purpose even not consciously aware of, if it is our time to leave our bodies because of the Law that brought us here, we still live as if we have a life filled with purpose until the end. You know there is no end don’t you?



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