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ThunderStorms Today!


Hi, I am an artist that uses many facets of creativity and many mediums. I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist, storyteller and indie publisher.

Faerie Watch! It’s Raining!!!

The Little People dance to make the rain prance, that bounce off the leaves in the wood,

The rain helps our flowers bloom in the hour for beauty’s nectar so good. 

Thunderstorms are frightful yet the sound is delightful, and the lightning charges our soul,

Soon the sun will come out, the children will shout, and the people go outside for a stroll.

The rain makes us free to fly from our trees, the mist shields the veil so thin,

Rain! Rain can stay, please don’t go away, so we can play where YOU might have been.

I love thunderstorms!

CDiSanoD 2016

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